Bombahanan Cave in barangay Sudlon Dos is a short yet fun caving experience. For seasoned spelunkers, the caving trip would take about 10-15 minutes; and for beginners about 30.

Bombahanan Cave 9

The narrow mouth of the cave leads to a descend of about 25-feet, but Cebu City Tourism Commission recently installed a stairway for easy and safe decline to the cave’s bed. The cave has stalactite and stalagmite formations, and an underground river. Local residents actually pump out water from the cave’s river – that’s why it’s called “bombahanan.”

It is also said that the cave was used by local residents as their hideout during the Japanese war.

Bombahanan Cave 6

Bombahanan Cave 1

Bombahanan Cave 5 Bombahanan Cave 7 Bombahanan Cave 3 Bombahanan Cave 4


The cave airflow is much colder on the innermost part of the cave where the stalagmite and stalactite formations are.Also, it is where we encountered sleeping bats, some flying around. The cave has three entrances, where the hot air rises and exits, keeping the inside of the cave cooler than the outside temperature.

How to get to Bombahanan Cave: 

From Cebu City V-hire Terminal (now located at the back of Compania Maritima Building, SRP), ride a van bound for Balamban. Tell the driver to drop you off at “iskina Barangay Sudlon Uno” (corner of Barangay Sudlon Uno). From there, ride a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) to Bombahan Cave in Barangay Sudlon Dos.

Be sure to let your habal-habal driver wait for you until you are done caving, because it’ll be your only way to get back to the main road. Then instruct your driver to drop you off in Busay, just at the foot of Mountain View Resort/ Lantaw Restaurant. From there, you can ride a jeepney to JY Square. 🙂

Note: Before hopping on to a Habal-habal, be sure that you have negotiated the fare for the trip. The trip is from the corner of Sudlon Uno to Bombahanan Cave in Sudlon Dos, then to Busay. Habal-habal fare for this trip starts at 500php for 2 people.

Before heading to Bombahanan Cave, you can call Cebu City Tourism Commission at (63) (32) 412-4355 to hire local guides.

For all weekends of September, Cebu City Tourism Commission has set special Cebu City Highland Tours to 2 caves within Cebu City – Bombahanan and Satuhan Caves! Read more about it here: