Address: Marco Polo Hotel, Nivel Hills, Lahug, Cebu City 6000

Telephone: (6332) 2531111 extension 8355

Operating Hours: Open from Tuesdays to Sundays. Cocktails start 4:30 PM and dinner starts at 6:30 PM. Special bar treats between 9.30 – 10.30pm and on full moons!

Food: International Fusion

Wifi: Yes

Mode of Payment: Cash/Card was privileged to be invited by Marco Polo hotel for an exclusive dinner with their Food and Beverages Manager. We have heard of the Blu Bar but we never thought of it as a restaurant also. Offering a panoramic view of Cebu City 1,000 feet high located at the penthouse of the hotel is pure romantic! The ambiance alone is already a treat! But the satisfaction doesn’t stop with that and continues to the winning cocktails and superb dishes prepared by a Filipino Chef. Which according to him  he changes the menu bi-annually to give its costumers excitement every time they visit.

To top up the experience, Blu Bar stocks a cellar with a wide array of wine and exclusives from all over the world carefully chosen by the hotel’s F&B manager himself. I’m a wine lover but I saw his passion when he consecutively opened three bottles of different wines; pour, shook, and sniffed each in a wine glass just to choose the right wine for my steak. I though it was amazing! Then I understand his sincerity for satisfaction and on how much they give importance to every details on whatever they serve!

What better way to say welcome than a signature Blu cocktail drink.

Citrus Salas / Organic Green / Pink Peppercorn & Walnut Emulsion / Beef Jerky / Shallot Marmalade / Herbe Marinated Buffalo Cheese / Balsamic Quail Egg / Sesame Cracker

We started with a salad. I must say it really smells and tastes fresh because of the citrus and mint herb giving a citrus smell and minty effect in your mouth plus the veggies are crackling when you digest. The jerky though could have been softer for perfection! YES the salad dressing is superb. This could be one of the best fresh salads I had.

Main Course:
Double Smoked USDA Beef Tenderloin Steak / Roasted Garlic / Herbs / Flavored Butter / Braised Red Cabbage / Schezuan Pepper / Portwine Black Olive Jus

Just the way I like it between well done and not well done. Now that’s hard to please! lolz. The steak was really tender and  you can smell the herbs while eating every chunk. The flavors are infused IN the chunks and not on it which is a really good technique in preparing meat based dishes. At first I thought the serving was small, but i went full after I cleaned the plate! Now that’s satisfaction!

Blu Lemon Tart / Lemon Foam / Pistachio Dust / Spiced Blue Berry Compote / Cinnamon Marinated Orange / Ginger Crisp

The cheesecake was very smooth and it actually slides down to your throat leaving the mixed sweet and citrus flavor in your tongue which i find new to my choice of flavors. Delighted but not craving I still think this dessert is a must try for you to conclude.

Bitter Chocolate Lava Cake with Hazelnut Sauce / Tapioca Molasses / Praline Crunch / Hazelnut Ice Cream.

YES we are sweet tooths! The second dessert which Ms. Aileen and Ms. Belle insisted for us to taste was really great! Though I tried other Choco Lavas but this one is really unique! As soon as I tasted it the essence of traditional local delicacies ticked my senses. Carefully observing the flavors in my mouth i realized its because of the tapioca mollases (sago) and the mixture of praline crunch and hazelnut ice cream that results to a home made ice cream flavor. This could be a Filipino delicacy! A must taste for all the Choco Lava fans out there.

Courtesy photo behind Blu Bar’s menu extraordenaire Chef Jun Abangan.

A Marco Polo asset, Food and Beverages Manager Stephan Wieprich.

L – R Nayki Cagulada ( , Belle Lumapas (Marco Polo PR Officer) , Stephan Wieprich (Marco Polo F&B Manager), Aileen Quijano (Marco Polo Mediacom Manager), Doyzkie Buenaviaje (

big THANKS to Blu Bar and Marco Polo for the SATISFYING dinner!

Photos and Text by: Nayki Cagulada