Big Daddy Truck

BigDaddy Truck

Wanting some fast gourmet grub? Then your in luck for BigDaddy Truck serves fast and delicious meals that won’t disappoint. Originally a concept from the United States, Big Daddy truck introduces the  for-take-away-truck idea to the fast growing Metro Cebu. And it’s just about time we have this in Cebu, don’t you think?

Here’s a run down of 3 (three) of our BigDaddy favorites!

Big Daddy Double Lava Burger

BigDaddy Double Lava Burger

Double Lava Burger is a double Big Daddy burger cozing with American cheese.


Big Daddy Chili Cheese Dog

Big Daddy Chili Cheese Dog

Big Daddy Chili Cheese Dog is a BigDaddy Dog with Chili Con carne and American cheese sauce.


BigDaddy Gambas Pasta

BigDaddy Gambas Pasta

BigDaddy Gambas Pasta! Spaghetti pasta in shrimps, tomato and cream sauce.


Don’t forget to have the BigDaddy Fries and the Peanut Butter Milkshake with your order! ^_^


Last time we checked BigDaddy truck was serving at the parking lot beside Chika-an Lahug from 4PM-12AM. And because the BigDaddy truck is kind of a nomad, you can check their Facebook account on where this big yellow kitchen will be parked next. Just Click HERE^_^ 

So who’s your daddy? Big Daddy!