Betty's Garden

Been to several botanical gardens abroad and neighboring islands and am quite thrilled to have discovered that we also have one within the metro’s  highlands.  Part of the Cebu City Highlands Tour we did last week with Cebu City Tourism Commission was a visit at the beautiful Betty’s Botanical Garden. The visit was just a stopover where the group anticipated to partake on light snacks as per the itinerary, but each had a full meal – for 2 (teehee). Thanks to our kind hostess Ms. Betty Abellana, who by the way manages the land as well.

Betty's Garden 4

Betty’s Botanical Garden is  6-hectare enhanced highland landscape which grows organic produce and plants zealously. The garden is also a conservator for endangered indigenous plants and wildflowers. The land even seeds down floral species that can’t be seen in our hilly lands no more.

Betty's Garden 2


Betty's Garden 6


Ms. Abellana mentioned that on the highest point of the property will  grant  a great view of the Tabunan forest and spot the shorline of Camotes Island.

Betty's Garden 5

Betty's Garden 3

Soon Betty’s Botanical Garden would be installing a pool filled with natural mountain water and cabins to accommodate guests.

How to get to Betty’s Botanical Garden: 

Public Transportation: 

From Cebu City V-hire Terminal (now located at the back of Compania Maritima Building, SRP), ride a van bound for Balamban. Tell the driver to drop you off at “iskina Barangay Cantipla” (corner of Barangay Cantipla). From there, ride a habal-habal (motorcycle for hire) to Betty’s Botanical Garden.

Be sure to let your habal-habal driver wait for you until you are done touring the garden, because it’ll be your only way to get back to the main road. Then instruct your driver to drop you off in Busay, just at the foot of Mountain View Resort/ Lantaw Restaurant. From there, you can ride a jeepney to JY Square.

Note: Before hopping on to a Habal-habal, be sure that you have negotiated the fare for the trip. The trip is from the corner of Barangay Cantipla to Betty’s Botanical Garden, then to Busay. Habal-habal fare for this trip starts at 500php for 2 people.

Contact Betty’s Botanical Garden to let them know you are coming by texting 09158943466.

For all weekends of September, Cebu City Tourism Commission has set special Cebu City Highland Tours to Betty’s Botanical Garden and a trek to Guining Falls in Baranggay Tabunan within Cebu City! Read more about it here: Call Cebu City Tourism Commission at (63) (32) 412-4355 to book your tours.