Address: Design Center Building A.S. Fortuna Banilad Cebu City

Tel. Number: (32)238 5539

Operating Hours: 5:30PM -9:45PM Daily

Parking: Yes (Arcade Parking)

WiFi: None


The very first time I dined at Beqaa, I instantly fell in love and without hesitation, mentally jotted it down on my list of favorite restaurants in Cebu – something my friends and I share in common. The feast of flavors that layers every dish is a real gastronomic delight.


With every dinner getting packed by regulars, I strongly advice you call to reserve a table. The Lebanese diner somehow suffers an urban myth (like most restaurants under the Abaca Group) of being too costly. So we took the liberty of breaking the widely distributed untruth by going on a burping spree dinner for 3 at 400php each.


So here’s  what we came up with. A delicious filling meal without costing you an arm and a leg.

1 order Beqaa Shawarma                        – 525php

1 order of Chicken Tikka Masala          -395php

3 orders of Basmati Rice(95phpx 3)   – 285php

Grand Total:       1,205PhP (402PhP per person)

Beqaa welcomes their guests with treats that prepare them for the feast ahead. We started our meal with free appetizers – Mini Falafel and Pomegranate shot.

Beqaa1 Beqaa2


Then had the Beqaa Shawarma which was quite filling already, considering I only had 1/3 of it. The photo below is a full serving of Beqaa Shawarma cut into half. You can request to have it cut into 3 equal parts. This might get a bit too spicy for those who aren’t a fan of peppery food so do not forget to inform your server on the level of spiciness upon ordering.   Beqaa shawarma is made with traditional garnish wrapped in homemade saj and  Phoenician fries on the side.



The lean chicken chunks in mildly spicy tomato based curry  with yogurt was awesome with the basmati rice.

Beqaa4 Beqaa5


And after a hearty dinner, if budget permits, you can order a glass of Pomegranate Mojito (95php) or a serving of dessert (or both).  In our case, we had both (teehee). I absolutely adore Maya Taqueria’s Mojito and Beqaa’s version is just as enticing. And the Creme Brulee with Pistachio seemed to be the perfect feast ender.

Having either would add 100php on each of your tab (if ordering 3 servings of pomegranate mojito or a serving of dessert) or 200php if having both. 500php-600php each is definitely a great deal for a sumptuous big eat banquet, don’t you think?

Beqaa 7

Beqaa 8


Kudos to Chefs Jessa Marie Intong and Marienel Justo for making Beqaa dining always something to look forward to. And super thankful to restaurant supervisor Crisdon John Tagalog for  making the perfect food recommendations every time and always making sure that everything is at its best- from the food to the dining experience.


Do you love Beqaa too? What’re your recommendations? Tell us! 🙂