The cold fresh water and the nature that surrounds you at Kawasan Falls  is definitely a great escape from the city life.   The emerald green water is really enchanting and with the all-year-round tropical heat, dipping for hours in this nature pool is never a bad idea.

Since Kawasan Falls is about 3.5 hour bus ride (one way) from the city of Cebu, I would suggest for the trip be at least an overnighter. 🙂 If  planning to publicly commute to Kawasan Falls, you can either hop on a bus from Cebu South Bus Terminal or a V-Hire(Van for Hire) at the South V-Hire Terminal. Both terminals are located at N. Bacalso St. Cebu City. You can also hire a private van to bring you to Badian which would probably cost around 3,ooophp/70USD one way.

If you are riding a bus, it would cost you 130php (3.02USD) to get to the barangay of Matutinao where the falls is located. Cebu buses run fast and if you are the person who get motion sickness, then be prepared with a motion sickness medicine or a mint rub. If you choose to be riding a V-Hire, then the farthest it can go is in the municipality of Moalboal. Van from the city of Cebu to Moalboal is 100php (2.33USD). Drop off point is at the town’s terminal where you would be getting another ride to your resort in Badian. I would prefer to ride a bus though over the V-hire to save me the trouble of getting off to Moalboal and hail another ride to Badian. My friends and I stayed at Laplaya. An airconditioned room with 2 king size and 2 single beds houses a maximum of 8 people for just 1900php(44.18USD) a night.


Laplaya Beach Resort with Sun setting

(On Laplaya Resort’s beach: Sand is white but coarse. water is brackish, seabed – some part sandy, some part muddy, some part weedy)


Laplaya room


If you are taking the 8am Bus, you should arrive in Badian at around 11am. So better be ready with lunch. I suggest you bring a packed lunched from the city for you would be tired and starving after that 3 hour ride. Laplaya Resort offers a gas range for rent for 200php (4.65USD) for an overnight stay. So you can cook lunch upon check in, dinner, breakfast the next day and lunch before checkout. With that you and your friends can plan the menu for the trip and do the grocery in the city and buy what you need. Plates, spoons, pans, glasses and utensils are already provided by the resort.

For our group we had this menu: (Group of 7)

Note: We bought all the groceries in the city.

Lunch upon arrival  ———— 2 Lechon Manok and 21 Puso (Hanging Rice)                  —- 392.50php (56.07php/1.30USD each)

Dinner    ————————- 6pcs.  pork belly and 3 porkchop (bought from rustans) — 400php  (57.14php/1.33USD each)

Breakfast   ———————– 1 KG hotdog, dozzen Eggs , 2 Corned Beef ——————- 335php  (47.88php/1.11USD Each)

Lunch before Checking out  —- 7 pcs porkchop and left over corned beef  ——————— 200php (28.57php/0.66USD Each)

Rice and Misc(crackers, sandwhich, 6 bottles    ———————————————— 1,200php (171.43php/4USD Each

1.5 softdrinks, 3 gallons of mineral water, bottle of Mojitos Tequila, onions, garlic

salt, oil, 5 kilos rice, dishwashing liquid, etc)

Food Expense total:   —————————————————————————— 2,527.50php (361.07php/8.40USD each)

We arrived and checked in at the resort at around 11am, ate lunch and at around 12noon, walked our way to the baranggay of Matutina where Kawasan Falls is. It is about 25-30minute walk from Laplaya Resort. Bring with you snacks and drinks just in case you get hungry, you would have something to munch. There is a mini mart just right outside the trail to Kawasan just in case you need to buy anything. It’s at the left side of the Matutina Chapel when you are facing the chapel (the Kawasan trail is at the right side of the chapel.) Theres a small fee of 10php/.23USD for going to Kawasan Falls.


Badian to Matutina where Kawasan Falls is

Trail to kawasan

Rivers on your way up releases fresh air and cool relaxing sound

swimming spot


Swimming spots before arriving to the first waterfall



The walk to Kawasan falls might be quite long for some but it definitely is worth it. 🙂 And FYI when swimming in Kawasan, Kawasan Falls‘ bed is not flat so be careful when swimming, I bet you don’t want to bump your head to a boulder. 🙂

Kawasan Falls


Oh yeah!


Kawasan Falls

Expenses at the falls? Cottages for rent at 300php/7USD. Raft ride to the falls is at 300php/7USD for the whole group where you can also get a few facts about the falls. TIP: you can haggle the price of the raft. We got ours at 200php(28.60php/4.65USD per person for our group). Life vest is at 50php/1.16USD  per person.Climb up to the second waterfall is around 15-25 minute walk where it is less crowded compared to the first waterfall. There are also cottages up the second waterfall which are also for rent at 300php. If you rented a cottage at the first waterfall, there would be a different fee for the cottages here, same as with the life jackets. You can choose not to rent a cottage if you are just gonna go for a short swim. Just look out for your belongings. 🙂 Kawasan Falls has 3 waterfalls, unfortunately me and my friends only had time to get up the second waterfall.


Swimming at the secondwaterfall of Kawasan

a dip on the second waterfall of Kawasan

For our itinerary, first day we visited Kawasan’s first waterfall and swam the whole afternoon and rode the raft. Then had a swim at the resort’s beach during the night and had videoke at the resort (we spent 200php for the around 3 hours). Then in the morning we had a morning swim at the beach and basked in the sun, then after breakfast visited the second waterfall of Kawasan. At around 10:30AM we walked back to Laplaya Resort and arrived at the resort at 11:00AM just in time for lunch. We then packed things and prepared to go back to the city. Buses to the city is scheduled to pass by Laplaya Resort at 2PM so we were at the Laplaya Resort entrance at 1:30pm and waited the bus to the city. We were craving for ice cream and decided to drop by the Molave Milk Station before we head back to the city.

Soft Ice Cream at Molave Milk Station



Ice cream is good. Melts fast but the cones melts faster. hope they get to change the cones for it gets a bit messy. ^-^

So here is a rundown of the expenses of our Badian/Kawasan Adventure (group of 7)

Vhire Fare to Moalboal from South Vhire Terminal      ——————–   100php

Multicab to Laplaya Badian    ————————————————    30php

Room for max 8 persons (1,900php) —————————————–382php/8.88USD per person

But since two of our friends rented another room, only 5 of us shared the 1900php rent

Food for the entire trip (2,527.50php)—————————————361.07php/8.40USD each

Fee to Kawasan falls 10php x 2 = 20php  ———————————– 40php/0.93USD

*since we visited the waterfalls twice we paid entrance fee twice during our first day and second day in Badian

Cottage rent  300php   ——————————————————— 42.88php/1USD each

Raft rent       200php ———————————————————— 28.60php/4.65USD per person

Videoke        200php———————————————————— 28.60php/4.65USD per person

Bus Badian to Barili Milk station  ——————————————– 60php/ 1.40USD

2 Serving of soft ice cream, a glass of fresh milk and snacks —————125php/1.90USD

Bus from Barili to Cebu City ————————————————— 70php /1.63USD


Total expenses for the overnight in Badian -1239.55php/28.83USD


The cost is just an estimate and a guide for people who wants to travel to Badian and Kawasan. Prices may not exactly be the same. Be mindful of the blogpost date. Thank you for reading and I hope you find this blogpost helpful. :)