Amidala Cafe

Address: Ma. Christina Extension Juana Osmena Street Cebu City (the road where the old Frontgate Burgers was.)

Contact Number: 0922 785 9872

Operating Hours: 1:00pm -12midnight everyday

Parking: Yes

Free WiFi: Yes


Amidala Cafe

Amidala Cafe

Around 3PM and the expected snail-like-speed Valentine’s Day traffic was already building up had led me snacking at this Star Wars concept cafe in Juana Osmena. Been itching to visit Amidala Cafe and finally had the time to drop by yesterday.

Expecting it to be a Star Wars concept cafe, I actually had a hard time spotting the place with the signboard isn’t that Star Wars-y or even Queen Amidala-ish. Good thing I know how to read. hahaha. AMIDALA! So if you are planning to drop by, just look for this:

Amidala Cafe


The cafe was enveloped with beautiful aroma of coffee as I entered. The force is indeed strong in this coffee bar, as Stormtrooper and Darth Vader helmets and wall decals welcomed me to the cafe. Was pretty excited to wear the helmets the moment I saw them on the counter. Who wouldn’t! (yeah, I know am such a dork! haha) And don’t miss to drop by Master Yoda’s meditation room located just across the lavatory.


Amidala Cafe 1



Amidala Cafe

Amidala Cafe

Occupied the upper area where Darth Vader decal is installed and where you get the best view of whatever is shown on the flat screen TV. Ordered the Jedi’s Elixir (99Php) , Choco Loco Espresso Chiller (140php), Amidala Sandwich (Bacon, Letuce and Cheese Sandwich at 80php) and a cookie (30php).

Choco Loco Espresso Chiller is very much similar to Bo’s Coffee Crumble (a personal Bo’s Coffee Fave) where you get to feel bits and grits of coffee beans every time you sip. Love the drink with just one shot of espresso.  But it could’ve been darker (and I think better) with two! ^_^

Jedi’s Elixir is blue soda with a slice of lemon. 🙂

And the Amidala Sandwich is good but could have been a bit more regal befitting the price. With Padme’s name on the sandwich, it demands to be more glorious.

Amidala cafe 4 Amidala Cafe 2



Growing up watching Star Wars, I am glad that a SW concept cafe opened in the metro -and serving good coffee too! Thanks and congratulations to the brilliant minds behind Amidala Cafe. Though am praying for them to add a good selection of food items and pastries on the menu. And maybe add some Padme’ mementos in the coffee shop? After all,  it’s named after her right?

So have you been to Amidala Cafe? Tell us what you think.