iLuvCebu yielded from Doyzkie and his brothers Reymond and Edd’s interest in sharing their adventures around their home, Cebu. The online diary was officially launched during the last quarter of 2010 (but parked and registered since 2007). Today, iLuvCebu has evolved to a lifestyle journal, recording everything (from food, to places, to people, to what’s up)  that is amazing about Cebu.

Ultimately, iLuvCebu is an account of everything that is awesome about Cebu and a collection of memories that reminds the author, Doyzkie Buenaviaje, of what made him crazy in love about this beautiful place he calls his home.

Today, iLuvCebu is one of Cebu’s most influential blogs, getting an average of 9,000 hits with more than 4,000 unique visitors per day. takes pride on having an ORGANIC FOLLOWING on all iLuvCebu Social Networking sites  – with more than 15,000 friends on our Facebook Page, 8,900 followers on instagram and more than 6,300 on twitter.