Abaca Baking Company 

Address: Crossroads Banilad Cebu City

Operating Hours: 7:00AM -7:00PM (Soft opening)

Telephone Number: 2620969

Parking: Yes (Crossroads parking)

Free WiFi: Yes

Mode of Payment: Cash and Credit Cards


Quality is a definite trait present in all Abaca restaurants and hotel. There’s a misconception though that anything associated with the gilt-edged hospitality group would cost someone an arm and a leg. But the community-based Abaca Baking Company might reverse that wrong impression.


Barely 2 weeks old, ABC is already working with an average of 100 kilos of quality unbleached flour daily used in baking varieties of fresh breads and pastries. Current bestsellers include the croissants (which get sold out in less than 2 hours as per store manager Mr. Sherwin Osabel), cinnamon buns,  bagels and vegetable focaccia. Chocolate Truffle, Lamington and Vanilla Creme Puffs are the house’ pastry top picks. ABC serves fresh grind- Italian roasted Danesi Arabica coffee everyday. An Italian cup perfect for any bread and sweet treats.



Arriving at 4PM for afternoon snacks, the team unfortunately wasn’t able to sample the buttery croissants. Instead ordered something on the All-Day-Breakfast Menu. We had a serving of Bagel with three variety cream cheese spread,  Vanilla and Caramel Lattes and an extra bagel. Olive, salmon and garlic flavored cream cheese are perfect with the fresh bagels!





And had our fill of afternoon sweets too- Mini Chocolate Bundt, Chocolate Cream Puff, Lamington Cake and Choco Chip Cookie Sandwich. Lamington Cake is a soft chocolate  sponge cake with vanilla filling in the middle and textured with desiccated coconut. The Cream Puff has this melt in your mouth custard inside that is deliciously infused with home made vanilla. And my ABC personal sweet treat favorite is the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwich – two chocolate chip cookie with vanilla filling and dipped in chocolate. You should try it!




Abaca Baking Company’s pricing is very much like Starbucks. One of my personal pastry picks -Chocolate Truffle caramel is priced at only 35php – and a cup of coffee for less than 100 bucks! And definitely way more instagrammable than any other coffee shops around town, would you agree? teehee!





And who would not notice the awesome  paintings, wall and menu board artworks by Happy Garaje and various artists from The Qube Gallery which add to the homey cafe ambiance.


ABC 11

Lucky to be able to have a quick chat with Chef Jason Hyatt about the upcoming projects Abaca Group is venturing on. Coming real soon is a new Abaca Group Hotel in Mactan and a luncheonette in Fuente. More feats to look forward to from the hospitality group. Chef Jason also had an easter egg revelation about ABC’s kitchen – a group of 4 very talented PWDs bakers.  Just awe-inspiring!

Done with afternoon coffee session, we headed out of the cafe and Mrs. Anna Hyatt sent out a warm smile and a folksy invite, “You should come back at around 7-8AM when croissants are on display. You’ll love it! ”

Enjoyed everything I’ve tasted so far and  will surely be back for more of ABC’s All-day breakfast, coffee, breads, pastries and that buttery croissants everyone is buzzing about!