Located at the northeast side of Cebu, known for pristine beaches and crystal clear waters – Camotes Cebu  is one of the must-go-to places when in Cebu. If you  are planning for a weekend getaway with friends or family that would not hurt your pockets, then Camotes Island would be a great option.

You have  three options in going to Camotes Island, 1st one is by taking the Fastcraft at Pier 1 (takes around 2 hours or less to arrive, Fare around 400php/9.30USD) and second is by taking the boat from Danao Port  (takes around 2 -3 hours depending on the weather, Fare: Non Airconditioned 180php/4.30USD or  Airconditioned: 200php/4.80USD). There are also boats going to Camotes Island from Ouano Wharf.

Since we took the boat from Danao Port, I will give you a walk though on how to get to Camotes Island from Mandaue City to Danao Port to Consuelo Wharf Camotes and back, including the list of the expenses.

From M.C. Briones Street, Mandaue City (just across Jollibee A.S. Fortuna) jeepneys bound to Danao Port are lined up waiting for passengers. Tell the barker or the driver that you are going to Danao Port. Jeepneys usually stop at the Danao PUV(Public Utility Vehicle) Terminal but if you are traveling in a big group, you can arrange to have your group directly be dropped off at Danao Port (Fare: From Mandaue to PUV Terminal: 30php or .71USD / from Mandaue to Danao Port: 40php or 0.95USD). But if you get off at the PUV terminal, then you can ride a Trisikad (Pajak in tagalog/ pedal operated tricycle) from PUV Terminal to Danao Port (Fare: 5php or 0.12USD). Jeepney ride from Mandaue City to Danao port takes around an hour and a half.

When you get to the Danao Port, get your ferry tickets at the counter. Ticket fare :  Non Airconditioned 180php/4.30USD or  Airconditioned: 200php/4.80USD. Departures from Danao Port to Consueolo Wharf Camotes are  6:00am , 8:30am and 10:00am. I suggest you get the 6:00am boat or the latest 8:30am so you can go around and see more of the island. 🙂


Consuelo Wharf

When you get to Consuelo Wharf, you can rent a multicab to tour you around the island. We (group of 9)  paid 3,000php /71.42USD (around 333.33php/7.94USD per person)  for a tour around the island and transfer from wharf to the resort and back to the wharf the next day. Motorcycles or locally known as “habalhabal” are also available to give you a lift to your resort, price ranges from 30-50php / 0.71 – 1.19USD depending how far your resort is from the wharf. Motorbikes are also available for rent for 500php/11.90USD.

For accommodations, there are lots of resorts to choose from. We stayed at Bano Beach Resort or BBR in Mangodlong. (www.banobeachresort.com) Standard room rates for 2 persons is 1,700php /40.48USD and additional of 250php/ 5.95USD per person (maximum of 4.) Since we are 9, we paid a total of 4,650php / 110.71USD for 2 rooms (516.67php/12.30 per person).


After dropping off our stuff at the resort, we then went to Camotes town center – San Francisco, where we had our lunch. We had barbeque at Bayview. Lunch prices per person depends on the ones appetite of course, hehe. 🙂 Average big meal is at 60php/1.43USD.

Bayview San Francisco Photo by Doyzkie Buenaviaje (Mobile Photography)

Bayview BBQ


Don’t forget to buy mineral water at the town center to hydrate you during the tour, water costs 20php/ .47USD per liter. Mineral water might get a bit pricey when you buy it from the resort so you might want to stock an extra liter.

After lunch we then went to Bukilat Cave, around 30 minute drive from San Francisco Camotes. Entrance Fee is 10php for adults and 5php for children. Bukilat cave is located in the northeast of Camotes in Poro Island. It is one of the 8 natural caves in Camotes and is one of the major attractions in Camotes. Icy cool waters is believed to come from an underground spring.

Bukilat Cave – photo by Doyzkie Buenaviaje(mobile photography)


Then off to Buho Rock in baranggay Tudela. Entrance at 15php/0.35USD. Well built stairs leading down to the crystal clear waters of  the island.


Buho Rocks – photo by Doyzkie Buenaviaje(mobile photography)


Buhorocks Photo by Reymond Buenaviaje


Then off to Timubo Cave.  Entrance at 15php/0.35USD. One of my fave parts of the trip, where we swam for almost 2 hours in the cool and clear waters of the cave. My family collects  ref magnets from our travels and there’s a souvenir table selling personalized Camotes keychains and magnets for 25php/.60USD and we bought 1. \m/

Timubo Cave


Souvenir Station



Next stop is Lake Danao.  Entrance is 10php / .24USD. Lake Danao is the largest lake in the Visayas and Mindanao. From a bird’s eye view it is shaped like the number 8. You can rent a paddle boat for 50php/1.190USD per trip. Park closes at 6PM.


Lake Danao Photo by Doyzkie Buenaviaje (Mobile Photography)


Lake Danao- photo by Doyzkie Buenaviaje(mobile photography)

We then had dinner at Santiago. Seafood in Camotes is really cheap. Like for a whole squid dish or fish dish its priced just from 120-150php, and not to mention the food is great! We spent like 950php/22.61USD for 9 of people with extra servings of rice, desserts and 3 cups of halohalo. That’s 105.56php/2.51USD  per person.


Lexine reading a book in a hammock while waiting for dinner at Santiago Bay

It was around 8pm when we finished dinner and then headed back to the resort. We instructed our driver to get us at 12noon the next day so we can get good seats on the ferry back to Cebu for the 2pm trip from the Consuelo wharf.

Mangodlong Beach, Camotes


Sunday, we woke up early to walk around and swim at the resort’s beach which by the way is AAAWWWESOME! Then at around 9:30am we had breakfast at the resort. Fresh coconuts served for only 20php. \m/ Then after swinnimng at the resort’s infinity pool. 🙂


BBR Resort – Photo by Edd Buenaviaje (Mobile Photography)


Camotes. Photo by Doyzkie Buenaviaje(mobile photography)


Camotes Waters


Infinity Pool


12noon, our ride to the wharf arrived. Then off To Consuelo for the ferry back to Cebu. Since boat leaves at 2:00pm we had lunch at the port. 50-70php for a meal! \m/

Ship way back to the island of Cebu



For pasalubong you can buy Camotekies! ^_^


look out for dolphins swimming on the waters between Camotes and Cebu islands


List of Expenses per person:

Mandaue City to Danao PUV Terminal                      —- 30php / 0.71USD

Danao PUV Terminal to Danao Port  (trisikad)       —– 5php  / 0.11USD

Danao Port to Consuelo Wharf Camotes                    —-200php / 4.76 USD

Danao Port Terminal Fee                                               —- 5php   /0.11USD

Multicab Rent  (Group of 9  -3,000php /71.42USD) —  333.33php/7.94USD per person

Resort Accomodation

(Group of 9 — 4,650php / 110.71USD for 2 rooms) —- 516.67php/12.30 per person

Lunch at Bayview  (BBQ)                                                —- 60php/1.43USD

Liter of Mineral water                                                       — 20php /.47USD

Bulikat Cave                                                                          — 10php / .24USD

Buho Rock                                                                             —  15php/0.35USD

Timubo Cave                                                                          —  15php/0.35USD

Personalized Camotes Ref Magnet                                 — 25php/.60USD

Lake Danao Entrance                                                        — 10php / .24USD

Dinner at Santiago                                                             —- 105.56php/2.51USD

Breakfast at the hotel with  fresh coconut drink      —-  120php/ 2.86USD

Lunch at Consuelo                                                          —- 70php/ 1.67USD

Consuelo Wharf to Danao Port                            —- 200php / 4.76 USD

Trisikad from Danao Port to PUV Terminal          —- 5php  / 0.11USD

Danao PUV Terminal to Mandaue City                      —- 30php / 0.71USD

Total :  —————————————————– 2045.57php / 48.70USD per person

The cost is just an estimate and a guide for people who want/planning to travel to Camotes. Prices may not exactly be the same. Be mindful of the blogpost date. Thank you for reading and I hope you find this blogpost helpful. 🙂