Cebu Best Restaurants Now Open at SM Hypermarket Cebu

Cebu Best Restaurants Now Open at SM Hypermarket Cebu


Three of Cebu’s local restaurants have found a new home at SM Hypermarket Cebu. Delectable meals enjoyed by both locals and tourists can now be savored at the spur of your cravings. Hypermarket shopperscan now indulge in traditional styles of Conchings Native Chicken, the enticing barbecue of A-One Tinola ug Sugba and everyone’s favorite spicy lechon belly of Cebu Lechon Belly.

So what makes these restaurants’ best sellers taste soooo good?

Since 1968, Conching’s Native Chicken has been in the BBQ business and because of its unique taste, patrons have come back again and again. “We always use native chicken, that’s half of our secret, the rest is our family’s trade secret,” said Pia Layam, owner of Conching’s Native Chicken.

What started as streetfood selling grilled items at Pier Tres, A-One got recognized for their tinola and sugba dishes. Selling only the freshest catch and grilled to your liking. “The Sea is full of treasures. It’s really a bountiful gift we must cherish,” said Esmeralda Paca, one of the daughters of the late owners.

Giving each customer only the premium part of the roast, Cebu Lechon Belly made it up the lechon ladder and into the hearts of Cebuanos and tourists as well. “It’s hard to compete with with the favorites but what we have introduced is something that people really want. We’re just giving it to them,” said Marlon Gochan, owner of Cebu Lechon Belly.


SM Hypermarket Cebu is now more than just grocery, clothes and home essentials shopping stop but also a dining destination as well. These three restaurant started serving sumptuous meals at SM Hypermarket Cebu North Reclamation Area since December 17, 2014 and  are open daily from 10AM-9PM.