Today, we compiled a list of  Adventuregrammers and their favorite exploits around Cebu. With their instagram feeds showing off Cebu’s beautiful beaches, majestic waterfalls, awesome summits and many awe-inspiring jaunts, these adventuregrammers would make us wish that our weekends were longer.

Let these 8 Adventuregrammers show us around as they trot out their stunning feats around Cebu on

#TheList of 8 Cebu Adventuregrammers and their Favorite Adventure Spots! 

1. Balay sa Agta, Argao | Craig Medicielo (IG Name: @itsYouThatiCraig) 

Craig Medicielo

Craig Medicielo

“This adventure offers the brave explorer several unforgettable moments. First, the trek to the cave has you facing the rock wall with your nose barely touching the surface and whatever you do… don’t look down. Second and my favorite, the portion of the cave’s ceiling that collapsed letting light in the dark cave. As you stare into the beautiful light you just can’t help but say “Wow”! You just want to stay there and bathe in the light. The trek is usually and hour and a half roundtrip from the entrance and at the end of the cave brings me to my third moment. You get to see why the cave is called Balay sa Agta. I’ll leave it to you to find out!” – Craig 

How to get to Balay sa Agta:
Go to the Cebu South bus terminal with Argao as your destination. First bus leaves at 3am. You get off at the bus stop at the Poblacion or you tell the bus folks the Argao church. Then make your way to the Argao Tourist Assistance Center to register. Good news is, they arrange everything for you; Transportation and your cave guides. It’s best to call ahead, they have a website. One of the most organized local tourism groups on the island! So as adventurers, you get to focus more on the journey rather than be stressed with logistics.


2. Cancalanog Falls, Alegria |  Miguel Abas Jr., (IG Name: Vivomigsgee) 

Cancalanog Falls

“Of all places I’ve been to, I’d say more than a piece of my heart was left in Cancalanog Falls, Alegria. It is such a mystical paradise, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. And it’s note-worthy to say it is Cebu’s version of Surigao’s Enchanted River,” shares Miguel.
    ” A 15-minute trek from the jump-off point will lead you to a pleasant surprise. Though the water drop itself is not that majestic compared to some other known falls, the deep catch basin is so inviting. There’s something in its emerald hue that entices you to jump, dive and cool off in its natural pool,” he added.
How to get to Cancalanog Falls: 
Going to Cancalanog Falls is made easier by the boom of Cebu’s canyoneering adventure. You can take a bus at Cebu South Bus Terminal bound for Bato (via Barili) and alight in Brgy. Compostela, Alegria where a conspicuous signboard “Canlaob Canyoneering” is erected. Ride a habal2x and enjoy the scenic, albeit winding, 15-minute ride. Fare is not more than Php 75.00 per person (though you can always haggle.) Entrance fee is Php 20.00.
3. Mt. Mauyog, Balamban | Jhez Bagaslao  (IG Name:@jhez4you) 
Mt. Mauyog, Brgy. Magsaysay, Balamban, Cebu. “I like this outdoor adventure spot for 3 reasons. First for its accessibility, located at Brgy. Magsaysay in the town of Balamban the drop off point is just an hour away and very accessible from the city. Second, the structure of its peak is unique from other peaks I’ve been to. It has a coral-like rock formation summit. And it’s a good vantage point to have a better appreciation of the scenic panorama of the mountains of Cebu. If you can be a little more daring stand on the edge of the peak, it is pretty dangerous but you’ll have the best view from the top. Third, it offers a lot of side trips for an adventure seeker like me. Trek down to its mountain foot and you’ll find a less explored cave, or how about freshening up in a waterfall just about 30 minutes’ walk away from the peak. And if you want to stay for the night, Mt. Manunggal camp site is just an hour away from Mauyog,” shares Jhez.
How to Get to Mt. Mauyog?
There are two ways to get to this place if you’re from the city, one via Habal-Habal in JY Square and the other is through a V-Hire in AYALA Terminal. I suggest you take the V-Hire for convenience. In AYALA PUV Terminal, take a Balamban bound V-Hire and drop at Cantipla junction. Fare is 120 pesos. From Cantipla you have to ride a Habal-Habal going to Sitio Awayan of Barangay Tabunan, it will cost you around 100/pax depending on your hustling skills with the drivers. And your 2-3 hour trek starts in Awayan, you may opt to get a local guide with a “minimal” donation fee or just follow the trail going up to the peak. Be sure to bring enough water for you will have direct exposure to the heat of the sun.


4. Himbawad Falls, Borbon | Caren Bagasbas (IG Name:@itscahwen)


image (1)

“Himbabawud Falls is one of my most loved waterfalls in Cebu. I pick this in light of the fact that it is my first ever extraordinary 3-hour trekking just to see the excellence of this falls… What’s more, I appreciated the perspective in transit there and the river trekking itself despite the fact that it’s a touch tiring and depleting yet it’s all justified, despite all the trouble to be flabbergasted and entranced by its natural magnificence,” shares Caren.

How to get to Himbawad Falls:

Himbabawud Falls (Brgy. Bonbon, Cebu City) It is a thirty minute ride from Lahug and is available by means of habal-habal or if you travel by group you can hire a jeepney to bring you in your jump off which is in Brgy. Bonbon (near the Bonbon Bridge), which may cost P50 one way per head. To get to the main falls, you have to cross 2 waterways and it would take you 2 – 3 hours of trekking but you will enjoy the view and nature on the way to Himbabawud Falls.




5. Malapascua Island |  Richard Ballon (IG Name:@chardichard)


“Malapascua tops my list in Cebu. The island is one of the top diving destinations in the country. The elusive thresher sharks are the island’s main attraction. If you’re not a diver like me and you’re into quiet, relaxing holidays on beaches away from many people, Malapascua is the place to be. I always love the charming and laidback vibe of the island where you can go to any beach you can find and have it all to yourself. You can go snorkeling around the island or hop to nearby islands like Kalanggaman or Biliran. Personally, Malapascua is very close to my heart as great memories were made there.” – Richard

How to get to Malapascua:

To get to Malapascua, take a bus or van from the North Bus Terminal up to the port of Maya in Daanbantayan. It’s a 3 to 4-hour scenic ride up north. Once in Maya, take a 30-minute boat ride to Malapascua. Make sure to arrive in Maya before sundown as the last public boat leaves around that time. If you have lots of cash, you can always charter a boat even during after-hours.


6. Busay Falls | Elei Matthew Tatad (IG Name:@iameleimath)


“Despite its awe-inspiring beauty, Busay Falls remained one of the hidden gems in Cebu. What I love about this one is that getting to the falls is an adventure itself. A trek through a rough trail of its unforgiving forest would reveal a glorious sight, making each step a wonderful labour to take because you know it will be worthwhile.  This “punchbowl” waterscape offers unlimited cliff jumping and a unique natural jacuzzi where you can dip all for yourself.  With this paradise, you don’t need to strive hard to find a special place you can call your own – it is within your reach.” – Elei

How to get to Busay Falls:

Based on distance, it is the nearest waterfall away from the boundaries of the city. From the South Bus Terminal, take a normal bus bound for San Fernando or Naga (Php 30/pax) and disembark at Brgy. Balud, San Fernando. From the corner where a chapel is located, ride a habal2x (Php 20/pax) and inform the driver you’re heading to Busay Falls.


6. Kabutongan Falls | Chester Scott Hinagdanan (IG Name:@chesterscott)

“If you’re a true blue adventure junkie then you’d probably choose Kabutongan Falls as well, here’s why.

As a traveller there’s nothing more thrilling than landing that first sight to this scenery you’ve only heard about before. After a long bus ride and a challenging trek -you hold your breath- and for a moment you’re in a trance, as you slowly and eagerly take in everything around you.

Kabutongan falls is my favorite because it gave the me the whole getaway experience. I’ve tried river trekking, cliff jumping, boulder climbing, upstream swimming, spelunking and canyoneering all in one day! For someone who craves the adrenaline, Kabutongan falls is perfect. It’s cheap. It’s not mainstream and it’s certainly underrated.” – Chester

How to get to Kabutongan Falls:

In just about 4 hours to the south of Cebu, you’ll get to enjoy already the grand beauty of Kabutongan falls. Just head out to the South Bus terminal and ride a bus going to BATO via Barili route. Once you get to Malabuyoc just ask the bus conductor to drop you off in front of Malabuyoc church and take some time to stroll and look around the town. You can even stop for a quick breakfast or lunch in one of their carenderias to load on carbs before you start a day of pure physical activity. Then for P10 you ride a motorcyle or tricycle and ask the drivers to drop you in the entrance going to Kabutongan falls. From then on you just follow the trail and make sure to ask the locals from time to time to make sure you stay on the right path. Eventually you’ll get there and you’ll see a small hut where you could rent a life vest if you want for P30 and hire a guide. You’re all set!


7. Dau Falls, Samboan | Michael Alvin Yu (IG Name:@michael_alvinyu)


image1 (1)

“When talking about beautiful waterfalls in Cebu, the first thing that pops-in my mind is Kawasan Falls in Badian. But hey, that was way back before I visited Dau Falls located in the town of Samboan. Dau falls is one of my favorite places to be because of its beautiful scenery. While on the way to the main falls, you can see a lot of picturesque sub-pools. You got nothing to do but to take a dip on its cold turquoise water. At the end of the 20 minutes trek, you will be welcomed by the beautiful limestone rock formation and the majestic drop of Dau falls. Too sad you can’t stay that long at the main falls since there are no cottages available, but good thing that nature has not yet been modified by human hands.” – Alvin

How to get to Dau Falls:

From Cebu City, Take a 3 hour bus ride at south bus terminal costing PHP160-170. Drop off point is Samboan public market, another 10 minutes habal-habal ride from Samboan public market to entrance of dau falls, and finally 20 minutes majestic trek towards the main drop of the falls.




8. Badian Canyoneering | Rod Ruales (IG Name:@ninjarod) 

“You appropriately start your adventure by jumping. You look down and all you see is deep water and a narrow passage with rock walls on both sides. Your heartbeat quickens, to hesitate is perhaps normal, you try to muster enough strength to finally jump, your guide counts to 3… And the rest is screaming in all the right ways as you jump! Now repeat that 5 times and include the longest natural slide you’ll ever be on that suddenly cuts and drops, ” shares Rod.
“You traverse through boulders and the beautifully carved canyon for a max of 5 hours. Tired as one may be, the canyon rewards those who are brave enough. “Magical” spots exist that take your breath away and replace it with pure awe. Natural blue pools that take in sunlight and bathes you in it. Water so clear, you’d look like your floating on air in your pics. Plus it helps that there’s a really sumptuous meal waiting for you at Level 1 in Kawasan Falls, you can check @badiancebucanyoneering page for more details,” he added.
How to get to Badian for Canyoneering:
You go to the South Bus terminal, earliest bus leaves at 3am. The travel is around 2.5- 3 hours. All the bus drivers know the Kawasan drop off point. From there, our guides arranged habal-habals for us to get to the starting point in Alegria, travel time is 15-20 minutes max.

Cebu has a lot more to offer than we think! There are still many unexplored jewels within the metro and rural areas that are itching to be discovered.

Thank you to 8 of our favorite adventuregrammers for sharing their favorite adventure spots in Cebu!

So grab your adventure bags and go have a change of scenery this weekend! 😉

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