51Talk, the leading online Education platform, plans to grow  and employ more Filipino teachers with a target of 100,000 hires within the next 5 years. It currently has 16,000 employees and is actively hiring more Filipino teachers as part of their “Road to 100K Online Filipino Teachers” initiative.

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51Talk: Road to 100K Online Teachers

The Road to 100K Online Filipino Teachers effort aims to give more Filipinos the opportunity to get a job from home and provide these individuals other ways to earn for their family and loved ones right and work where they live. This will give them more time to look out for what matters most in their lives – their family.

51Talk is the leading brand of online English education, providing lessons to more than 10,000,000 students in China.

According to Mr. Jack Huang, the founder and CEO of 51Talk, there is a strong demand for online English lessons for children in China, based on the fact that the household investment in education and English requirements for students have been on the rise.

With the demand for more online English teachers,  51Talk wants to reach out to more aspiring educators. There are training centers in the key cities in the PH like Cebu,  Bacolod, Baguio, Cavite, Cebu, Davao, Pampanga and Pasig.

51Talk has developed a leading curriculum development team providing quality learning experience to Chinese children. Those who teach undergo extensive training before embarking as online home-based English teachers. If you wish to know more, you may learn more about 51Talk by visiting their official websites 51talk.com and 51talk.ph.