For budget hunters, the first day of sale is as serious as taking your daily bath. But embarking on a thrift shopping on the maiden day is not a walk in the park. Today, we dawdled and spent almost 6 hours doing some thrift shopping at S & R Cebu. hahaha.

But whoever said that shopping on sale days is effortless? It surely takes a lot of patience and stamina to survive the sale’s first day. Patience for you have to stand in looong line to pay for what’s in your cart, and stamina for you have to push your cart for hours going on every aisle taking a gander on sale items that potentially would go in the shopping cart.



S & R Members' Treat 2013

S & R Members’ Treat 2013


We listed 5 pointers that may help you save time and effort when shopping on S & R ‘s Members’ Treat Sale’s maiden day.


1. Eat breakfast before going to the sale. You may be stuck for hours inside S & R and the last thing you want is you passing out while shopping. haha.

2. Prepare a list of what you need and what you want to buy and set a budget. Be sure to spend only what you can afford. Buy all the things on your WHAT YOU NEED list first, and then if you have some more money left from the budget you set, then go ahead and buy the stuff on your WHAT YOU WANT list.

3. Go with at least 2 persons during an S & R Sale. During the first day of sale, expect that parking would be a bit of a pain. So when one is looking for a parking space, the other two companion can go ahead and shop. Shopping carts may also be on a shortage, so have another companion wait for a shopping cart and you can go ahead and start shopping for the items on your list. Since you don’t have a cart yet, you can use an improvised shopping basket like a laundry basket you can grab at the plasticware aisle. teehee. And when one of your companions have acquired a pushcart, have him line up already and just keep on filling up your cart from the things you threw inside your improvised shopping basket.

Noticed some kids having tantrums and some kids were so stressed out, so maybe or if possible not to bring your cute toddlers and babies during the sale.


Improvised Cart at S&R

Improvised shopping basket LOL


4. Wear comfy kicks. Girls don’t wear your stilettos and guys wear your most comfy sneakers, for you’d be walking diligently at every aisle to look for thrift finds and completing your shopping list, and for the rest of the time,you’d be standing. And since you’d be queuing in line for quite some time, you can also grab some plastic chairs at the plastic ware aisle for your parents or grandparents to sit on while waiting. 🙂


5. Bring a pocketful of sunshine and patience with you. Though some most thrift shoppers are friendly as a bunny, there are also some grizzlies and crabs. Be prepared to be bumped by some folks or pushcarts. Some people, would also be cutting in line or try to, and if that happens, just  do the simple tap on the shoulder, smile and say “the line’s over there at the back,” then smile again. Ha! 🙂 But if that fails, then go on beast mode. LOL. Kidding! There are S&R Line Watchers deployed and just call their attention if you are having problems with people cutting in line. There might be a probability that you will get hungry while waiting in line, it’s either you alternately eat at the pantry or have someone buy food at the Food Station and have the the orders for take out/take away and sneak the food inside the shopping area and eat while standing in line. teehee


We hope that these tips can be of help on your future thrift shopping at S & R’s Members’ Treat Sale. And sale’s still ongoing today until the 29th of September 2013. Store Hours for the sale dates are from 8am-9pm.


P.S. We hope S & R would also do an effort to make the shopping experience more convenient for their members. It was definitely not cool for them to have their customers follow (from the S&R door until where the customer parked their car)  and fetch the shopping cart from other customers. We even heard a customer complaining that they had to fetch the cart from another customer who parked at all the way at the back of Cebu Doctors’ University. @_@


We are leaving you with some of our favorite hauls. ’til our next shopping spree 🙂


I am an oral hygiene freak and hoarded a case of Listerine mouthwash and Colgate toothpaste. 4 months supply for me familia! 😛

B1T1 on Listerine Mouthwash

B1T1 on Listerine Mouthwash





Starbucks Frap Mocha, Vanilla and Light Mocha on sale!

Starbucks Coffee

Starbucks Coffee


We love apple juice and two of our favorite brands are on sale, Motts and Martinelli’s!

Mott's Apple Juice

Mott’s Apple Juice



Zanuy Tortilla Chips and Pringles Box of 6, Save 50-65php.




And who doesn’t want Haagen Dazs and Ben & Jerrys? Both on sale as well!

SnR9 SnR10