Sole Happy!

Jandrick’s Fushu Breakthrough.
Text by Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje
Photos by: Doyzkie Buenaviaje & Nike Cagulada
NOTE: This is part of an Article published over Cebu Daily News. Below is my part of the interview with young entrepreneur Jandrick Climaco.
With talent and charisma on his pocket, 25 year old Jandrick “Jumbo” Bernaldez Climaco had gotten Filipino soles prancing with his hip and young shoe creation, Fushu! Jumbo graduated Graphic Arts at 1st Academy of Graphic Arts in Makati, but his innate creativity he inherited from his fashion designer mom, Joy Bernaldez.  As most of the youth his age would go clubbing and drinking, his vigor to succeed is what sets him apart his generation. In the cutthroat cosmos of fashion, he made sure that he gives his customers what they want and what they need when it comes to shoe business; stylish, comfortable, simple and quality shoes!
How long did it take for you to plan out your shoe business?
It took me one year of planning and searching for the style and quality before I started out my business.

Why shoe designing? Who influenced or inspired you to do shoe designing?
I never really thought about the business as a shoe designing job. I just wanted to sell easy shoes. I happened to know what I want and had an idea of how to go about it — from the look, style, comfort, print, etc.
Why did you name it Fushu? What does Fushu mean?
Fushu means kung-fu shoes or funky shoes. if you notice, it is an upgraded style of the comfortable kung fu shoes but a lot sleeker and funkier.

Did you go on a formal training in shoe designing?
I never had formal training in shoe designing or shoe making. But I had help from the people already in the industry.

What’s next for Fushu? Any new and upcoming lines?
All that is still in the drawing board. we recently came out with smaller sizes for ladies after there was a lot of clamor from the girlfriends of our male clients. But the ladies prints mostly follow the men’s prints.

What do you think makes Fushu stand among other shoe brands? What’s Fushu’s edge?
Fushu’s edge is it being within the budget and stylishly easy at the same time.

What’s your favorite Fushu pair and why?
The blue and teal Fushu stripes, the red… But it depends on what i am wearing. they are actually designed to match one’s outfits. Now we don’t have to limit ourselves to just basic and neutral colors. we can step out of the house with vibrant stripes.

How do you feel when you’re walking around the mall and seeing people wearing your Fushu shoes?
I feel really good watching people wear them. One time i was in a store at the mall with a friend and someone came up to me to ask where I got my shoes. A lot of our customers have also had the same experience. They were stalked and stopped. It feels really good when people like what you’re doing.

What’s the biggest challenge you encountered during the planning and executing of your shoe business?
In the beginning, it was achieving the shoe form. recently it’s the production. since it is made locally, we are affected by the limited resources. but we are promptly solving that area.

What do you do on your spare time? What’s your idea of fun? Hobbies?
I hang out with friends when there are events but i haven’t been out much lately. once in a while, it’s just coffee or lunch with one or two friends.I’m actually a bit of a geek. I can stay home and watch anime the whole Sunday or play Starcraft2 with my friends or my brother overseas.

Fushu Shoe Store is located at Joy Bernaldez Building Escario St. Cebu City!