Starbucks is more than just  a coffee shop for most of us. It is a place where we catch up with our friends, our study spot, a space for a quick chill with the family, a venue for a business meeting or simply a corner to enjoy a cup of good coffee. It is also surprising that we get to meet new friends just by ordering our favorite Starbucks coffee.  Indeed, Starbucks has become a significant part of our community.

30th September 2015, Axis Entertainment Avenue, Escario Street – The 11th Starbucks branch in the metro opened its doors to the patrons. The latest branch is the first stand-alone branch that features a drive thru in Cebu. iLuvCebu has been so excited with its opening that we closely followed its progress and took note of some facts that any Starbucks fanatic would be thrilled to know.


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4 Fun Facts about Starbucks’ 11th Store in Cebu

1. Drive Thru Evolved or DTE

Utilizing advanced technology to create an actual face-to-face order taking experience, you’d be surprise that ordering at the Starbucks drive thru feels like you are ordering at the counter.    DTE uses cup labellers where baristas don’t need to write the name or drink on the cup anymore. Baristas input the details on the POS and the POS will print the detail while the baristas make the beverages.

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2. Starbucks Coffee Jars

Starbucks AxisEntertainment Ave. Branch has 100 coffee jars – 52 above the bar and 48 at the lounging area. All of the jars contain Starbucks Reserve Panama Los Cantares Estate coffee beans.




3. Hand-painted artwork 

The walls above the counter and one side of the lounging area are panels of abaca, hand-painted with illustrations of coffee berries and the world map.

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4. Automated Espresso Machines

This Starbucks branch uses an automated espresso machine which helps baristas pull consistent shots of espresso even on busy periods and automatically steams and stops steaming milk for a faster beverage preparation.


Visit them and say hello to your Starbucks Barista friends today! Starbucks Axis Entertainment Avenue Branch is still on their soft opening and is open until 12midnight today(September 30,2015) and will be operating tomorrow from 8AM to 12MN.

Blogged by Life+Style Writer: Doyzkie Buenaviaje