April 12, 2011, Cebu City –  Marks the launch of the much anticipated, game changing 2nd Generation Intel Core Processors, adding a number of visually stunning features built into the chips through processor graphics.

Randy Kanapi- Marketing Manager Intel Phils.

“The computing performance and capabilities of the 2ND GENERATION INTEL CORE PROCESSORS represents the biggest advance over previous generations,” Navin Shenoy, vice president and APAC general manager, Intel. “The built-in visual capabilities enabled by these new processors are perfectly suited for Filipinos’ visual lifestyle, particularly in light of the market’s talent for producing video content that is shared worldwide through Youtube, Facebook and other sites. This new family of processors from Intel will revolutionize the PC experience in a way that is obvious for every user to see and appreciate visibly smarter performance.”

Calum Chisholm - Intel Philippines

The 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor family is the first visibly smart microarchitecture to combine visual and 3D graphics technology with performance-leading microprocessors on a single chip. Incorporating the newly architected Intel HD Graphics on each 32nn die enables significant graphics performance improvements over previous- generationand yet still offer great battery life and the ability to design thinner, lighter and more innovative laptops and all-in-one PCS.

Jermyn Wong- Market Development Manager Intel Phils

Smart performace, energy efficient and intelligence merged! The Intel Core 15 and i7 also include the enhanced Intel Turbo Boost Technology 2.0.The feature automatically reallocates processor core and processor graphics resources to accelerate performance, giving users an immediate performance boost when and where it’s needed.

2nd Gen Core i5 on a Sony Vaio

2nd Gen Core i7 on a Samsung Laptop