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What’s New Sumo Sam?

Very often I get milk tea cravings and discovered recently that there is one very convenient way to get a good serving of milk tea in Ayala (besides Quickly) is at Sumo Sam. Available for dine in and take out, enjoy your favorite Sumo Sam dishes with these refreshing and healthy drinks for just 85php.

Sumo Sam Milk Teas -Yojimbo Green Tea with Grass Jelly and Choco Cream Cheese with pudding


Sumo Sam Milk teas - Strawberry Sakura and Mango Yakult with Tapioca

Sumo Sam Milk Teas - Choco Cream Cheese, Wintermelon Sanjuro and Chocolate

Their milk teas are based with brewed black tea, except for the Yojimbo which is based with green tea, then added with milk and your chosen flavor. Don’t forget to add a sinker. Choose from tapioca pearls/ crystal black pearls, grass jelly or pudding. ^_^

Last Samurai

Another new product from Sumo Sam is their Last Samurai. Sweet and a bit spicy Chicken pieces served with fries and ebikomayo. Price: 218php

Edd, Reymond, Nowie and I said we were just there for the Milk Teas and the Last Samurai but we can’t help it but eat more at Sumo Sam. Addition to our appetizer is Sumo Sam Tempura! Who doesn’t love tempura? And what I like about Sumo Sam’s tempura is they are made from whole prawns unlike some restaurants who cuts their prawns into half and adds some breading to make it look fat. And its golden crisp texture which comes to a soft tender center is just… YUM! Sumo Sam Ebi Tempura at 295php.

Sumo Sam Tempura


We also had the Victory Float (haha, please don’t say it out loud, we know! BUURP! LOL) Kane sticks, salmon sashimi, tunsa sashimi, Las Vegas rolls (crab sticks with cucumber and scallops and topped with quick melt cheese), Philadelphia rolls(smoked salmon with cream cheese), Dynamite (salmon with spicy dressing and salmon skin on top) served with mikihana sauce.

Victory Float


We are not yet done guys! teehee. Part of our main meal is The Tournament- served with house salad, oyster teppan, beef teppan, Venetian roll, California roll, chicken yakitori, ika fry, bacon asparagus and meat fried rice. The Tournament is available only from Mondays to Thursday except holidays. And menu says (FOR Food under THE FIGHT page): “PLEASE ALLOW 30 Minutes FOR PREPARATION,” so be sure not to delay when planning to order The Tournament.

Sumo Sam's The Tournament

And for us, a pig out session is never complete without dessert! Had a hefty serving of these Sumo Sam desserts!

Sumo Sam Desserts

Sumo Sam Desserts


^_^ Thanks for joining us on our pig out session! Til our next session next week. Let’s pig out and be merry!


Text by: Andrew “Doyzkie” Buenaviaje Photos by: Edd Buenaviaje

Culinary Journey: Treasured Recipes

Handed across generations, “Treasured Recipes” are prepared by the hands of two of Cebu’s Culinary Icons— Ms. Cristina ‘Tina’ Ebrada and Ms.Teresin Mendezona with Marco Polo Plaza’s Food Consultant, Ms. Jessica Avila.

Ten-day Culinary Journey,celebrating the legacy of food, loved and tested through time. ♥

When: June 8-17, 2012

Restaurant: Cafe Marco

Address: Marco Polo Plaza Hotel Lahug Cebu City 6000

Telephone Number: (63 32) 253-1111

Mode of Payment: Cash/Card

WiFi: Yes

Food: International

Type of Dining: Casual

Culinary Journeys:Treasured Recipes

Krispy Kreme’s 3rd branch in Cebu in time for it’s 75th Birthday!

Krispy Kreme Original Glaze -Krispy Kreme SM Branch


Cebu opened it’s arms to Krispy Kreme’s third branch after 7 months after its debut in the region by opening two stores late last year. Now Krispy Kreme fans near SM City Cebu would enjoy a more convenient location for them to enjoy their favorite Krispy Kreme doughnut and coffee – just in time for their 75th birthday celebration.

Ghost Buster? Nope it's the Krispy Kreme Coffee Man!

Nope he is not a ghost buster, he is the Krispy Kreme Coffee Man – giving out free Krispy Kreme Coffee for guests to enjoy during a private function held for media before they opened last May 19, 2012 in SM City Cebu.

Krispy Kreme SM City Cebu


“Krispy Kreme is a brand that Cebuanos have grown to love,” shares Jim Fuentebella, Chairman of Krispy Kreme Philippines. “Since our launch last year, Cebu has become one of our main markets in the country. The third store is a testament to that; a proof to our commitment to satisfy the continuously growing clamor for world class coffee and doughnut in the region.”

Conveniently located inside one of the country’s biggest shopping center, SM City Cebu, the new Krispy Kreme store is a welcome addition to the mall’s dynamic mix of retail and dining establishments – complimenting the brand’s two other stores located at IT Park and Ayala Center Cebu.


Mark Gamboa- Krispy Kreme Marketing Manager

Mark Gamboa welcomed Krispy Kreme’s guests and talked about  “Share the Gift of Joy” campaign providing assistance to 12 charities. So how does the campaign work? For every customer buying the specially designed 75th birthday tin cans, Krispy Kreme puts aside 20php to help their partner charities and at the end of the campaign, Krispy Kreme will equally divide the total accumulated fund among the different causes it supports. “Share the Gift of Joy”  is a year-long campaign.


75th Original Glazed Poster