Name: Mochiko

Address: 2nd Level Active Zone Ayala Center Cebu

Product: Mochi Ice Cream

Mode of Payment: Cash


My addiction to Japanese culture does not just end with Japanese anime, cosplaying, collecting anime figures,  yakiniku and tempura. Adding to my long list of Japanese fixation is Mochi Ice Cream – a ball-shaped dessert made from pounded sticky rice, or termed as mochi in Japanese, and then filled with ice cream.  Walking at the 2nd level of Active Zone, mochi ice cream lovers would find glee as a stall dedicated to just mochi ice cream is now open.

Mochiko Stall


Mochiko mochi ice cream flavors: Black Sesame, green tea, Azuki or Red bean, miltk tea, cookie dough, caramel, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, coffee, avocado and mango. Mochiko also has limited edition flavors just like the one they had for valentines which is rose. Mochiko mochi ice cream is sold at 70php each.

Mochiko Flavors


Served in a plastic wrapper and frozen, wait for about 3 minutes for the ice cream to soften a little. You can sit and chill at the chairs beside the stall.


Mochiko Mochi Ice Cream


So how does  mochi tastes? Mochi’s taste resembles much like the  Filipino dessert called palitao without the shredded coconut and sugar. But with the mochi ice cream, the sticky rice that holds the ice cream is made thinner, smooth and softer compared to the palitao.

Mochiko GreenTea Mochi Ice Cream


So far my favorite Mochiko flavors are strawberry, green tea, black sesame and red bean. ^_^ Mochiko’s ice cream fillings are not that sweet and not really that creamy thus making the flavors noticeable. Sampling the other flavors soon.

Mochiko Red Bean Mochi Ice Cream

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