Kan-anan's Humba


Restaurant: Kan-anan, Parklane Hotel

Address: Corner Archbishop Reyes Avenue and Escario Street

Tel. No.  6332.234 7000

Operating Hours: 1130 am – 2pm, 6pm – 10pm

Mode of Payment: Cash/Card


In Southeast of Cebu lies the town of Ronda where you can find a different way of cooking Humba.



Preparing Humba is more  about the technique. Bracing and balancing the flavor of the ingredients makes it the dish different from other versions of Humba. Identifying Cebuano style from the rest, using the right ingredients like muscovado sugar and cooked in a firewood will equalize the flavor and give due tender to the meat.

Kan-anan, ParkLane Hotel has preserved the way how a native  Humba is prepared.

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