Coffee Dream


Coffeeshop: Coffee Dream

Branch: Benidicto College Bldg. A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City, Cebu

Mode of Payment: Cash

Telephone No: 032 – 3447249

Wifi: Yes

Coffee Dream

Homegrown coffee specialty shop opens a new branch at Benidicto College A.S. Fortuna Mandaue City, Cebu. Since its inception in 1996, Coffee Dream takes pride in their mission in becoming everyone’s coffee shop while creating in the Filipino a distinct lifestyle: one homegrown cup at a time.

Ahhhh (inhaling the scent of coffee) as I enter and approached the Coffee Dream counter made me smile, I just love coffee! It was a hot afternoon so I opted to pick Irish Latte from their Coffee Based Chilled Blends.  The drink was blended so well it was like a coffee smoothie!  All Coffee Dream chilled blends come in Single (Price Range: 110-120php) and Double sizes(120php-130php).

Irish Latte Chill Blend

Coffee Dream also serves a line of All Day Breakfast, pastas and pastries!

Coffee Dream Lasagna

Meaty and cheesy: Coffee Dream’s Meat Lasagna: 140php!

Spinach Linguine

Creamy Spinach Linguine: 140php

Apple and Tuna Sandwich

Apple & Tuna Sandwich for 120php.

Full Breakfast

Full Breakfast with Sausage, egg and garlic rice served with your choice of brewed coffee, orange juice and iced tea!

These are some of Coffee Dream‘s food offerings. For a full list of their drinks and food offerings check their website

Sampling and gorging on all the bountiful Coffee Dream offerings made me crave for a shot of espresso! Single Espresso shot for 50php double at 60php.

Espresso Shots

Coffee Dream’s beans are a combination of Robusta and Excelsa which are locally grown in our country. And another touch of Filipino pride in each Coffee Dream outlet is the furniture works of world renowned furniture maker Kenneth Cobonpue.

Coffee Dream

Bloggers, radio and print media come together for the soft opening of Coffee Dream Benedicto College A.S. Fortuna branch with Coffee Dream’s president and founder Mr. Glenn Anthony Soco and Marketing Officer Ms. Anna Maris Igpit.

Media at Coffee Dream

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